Born in Buenos Aires, in 1975, Eugenia discovered her passion for art when she was 15 years old. At that moment, she took up drama lessons with Carlos Moreno in CIR in Ramos Mejía, while she finished High School. She attended drama seminars and training classes delivered by prestigious teachers in Teatro Gral. San Martín. Once she began her course of studies at UADE university she went deeper into the acting career with Julio Ordano and trained many years with Luis Romero. Recently, she has taken up singing lessons with Claudio Garófalo and she keeps on adding skills to her list to comply with the requirements of her profession. This list goes from various types of dances to extreme sports.

She had leading and secondary roles in many TV programmes from Polka and Canal 13 such as Gasoleros, Primicias, El Sodero de mi Vida, Ilusiones, 099 central, Padre Coraje, Mujeres Asesinas, Mujeres de Nadie (second season), featuring important directors such as Jorge Nisco, Daniel Barone, Sebastian Pivotto and Alberto Lecchi, among others. She also had important roles in programmes such as Al límite and Se dice Amor on Telefe. Under Sebastián Borenstein’s direction, she co-starred with Damian De Santo Malandras on Canal 9. She also appeared in Fontanarrosa’s special on Canal 7.
She played the leading role in Beatriz Mosquera’s play Pintura Fresca, directed by Patricia Palmer.

This work earned her a nomination for an ACE award for best supporting actress. The following year, she portrayed Beatriz in Moliere’s classic Don Juan at Metropolitan theatre. Along these lines, she was called to perform the role of Federico and Beatriz Rasponi in Carlos Godoni’s Arlequín, Servidor De Dos Patrones, directed by Alicia Zanca at Teatro San Martín.
Her first feature film was No sos vos, soy yo under Juan Taratuto’s direction, in which she played a small role. Later on, she was the protagonist in Tatiana Mereñuk’s Yo soy sola, a movie which made her film career flourish. After that, she became part of the staff of  Ni Dios, Ni Patrón, Ni Marido, a period film of Spanish co-production, directed by  Catalan director Laura Maña.      

Since the beginning of her career in 1995 up to the present, Eugenia Tobal has not stopped working; always choosing her roles in television, theatre and films.